Kilometre Fuel Calculator

Helps you keep track of your fuel expenses

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App Features

Simplicity for the user and great performance

Built with smart in-vehicle activity recognition

The built-in smart activity recognition software will detect your trips and start recording your expenses even if you forget about the app in the background.

Global configuration

Configure your app to use the US Customary System, Imperial, or Metric Systems.

Automatic calculation of consumption and cost

The app finds the travelled distances and calculates the fuel consumption and expenses based on your selected car economy value.

Low battery consumption

Smart activity sensing with high battery efficiency.

Google Maps integration

History of your trips with details, including your routes shown on Google Maps.

Manual configuration

Disable the smart-detector software and manually record trips on demand.

This is Why You Will
Love Kilometre

Use this app to keep track of your trips, analyze your distances, discover the fuel economy and expenses of your trips, and check your routes on the map.

  • Automatic activity detection
  • Calculation of total distances
  • US, Metric and Imperial systems
  • Facility to remove unwanted trips
  • Export data to Excel (csv)
  • Low battery consumption
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Free 15 day trial
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