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Apps And Games


Kilometer (Beta)

Kilometer is a smart Android application that automatically detects in-vehicle activity with the use of GPS and accelerometer sensors. The app calculates the travelled distances and calculates the fuel consumption and expenses based on your selected car economy value (L/100km). The app includes the total calculations of kilometers travelled, fuel consumption, and fuel expenses of the month, of the week and of the current day. Additionally, includes details of each trip with Google Maps integration.


Youtube Channel to an Android App

If you are a Youtube content owner, you may want to create a simple app that will feature your Youtube channel's uploads and playlists. The app will include social links of your brand, for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr. The app will automatically notify the user for new uploads (user option to enable/disable notifications). Integrates the official Youtube Data API.


KIDS Aquarium on Android

Interactive aquarium specifically designed for kids. With this simple aquarium your kid can feed the fish to grow up, clean the tank with the sponge, change the lighting or the gravel's color, and move the decoration around.

Add as many fish as you like from the collection. Don't let your fish starve or otherwise they will die.